Thinking about DLF Phase-3 is like talking about its Closest proximity to New Delhi. It is well located next to the Delhi-Gurgaon Toll Plaza. As per the Delhi High Court ruling orders , From January 2014,  the Toll Plaza was removed to reduce the traffic  snarls which was caused very frequently and wasted hours of horrifying  jams of People commuting on routine basis.

DLF Phase-3 is welcomed by a main entrance of an open space of 33.09 acres of land Situated next to National highway-48 allocated by Haryana Urban development authority(HUDA) to DLF for their upcoming venture of MALL OF INDIA, the construction of which is in full swing as of Feb 2020.

Talking in depth about DLF Phase-3, it has the closest connection from Indira Gandhi International airport ,New Delhi and Aerocity which is the Hub of Hotels for tourists and travelers across the globe. It is well connected from National Highway-48 at one end and Mehrauli Gurgaon Road(MG Road) at the other.

During Last 2 decades, many families from Delhi have been shifting to DLF-phase-3 for its centrally located benefits from Delhi and Gurgaon. People living in builder floor/flats or small houses in delhi has an option of buying bigger residential plots of their choice and getting it constructed by best construction company in Gurgaon like Deepak Buildtech. The real estate price of buying a residential plot /flat/Builder floor is much cheaper as compared to New Delhi.

There are total numbers of 5464 residential plots in DLF Phase-3. The sizes of these plots starts from 59.50Sq Yards which accommodated maximum number of residential plots( i.e 2426 of total number of 5464 residential plots). Other sizes include 149.5 Sq Yards,163.2 Sq Yards,215 Sq Yards,269.1 Sq Yards, 315.74 Sq Yards,401.86 Sq Yards, 502.31 Sq Yards, 861.12 Sq Yards, 958.76 Sq Yards, 1022.58 Sq Yards. With these vast choices of residential plots, people from all walks of life are residing diversely and peacefully in DLF Phase-3.

The premium most location for residential plots in DLF Phase-3 is Moulsari Avenue which is the main connecting road from National Highway-48, Residential Plots nearby the moulsari avenue are the most expensive ones as compared to plots far from it. Best In demand Blocks are W and V block in DLF Phase-3, Other Blocks include S and T which are connecting and nearby Mehrauli Gugaon Road(MG Road).Many reputed schools namely Shri Ram School and many other reputed Schools, DLF Phae-3 Club, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Police Posts, and local shopping centre namely Moulsari Arcade are all well situated and connected  here. The only cons about DLF phase-3 is it has Village Nathupur  inside it which is little annoying to residential plot owners.

So, if you are planning to buy residential plot or you already are owner of any residential plot anywhere in Gurgaon or in Delhi NCR and thinking to build your Dream House , we will help you in all respect  starting from Approval, Structure Planning , Architectural Designing , Construction , Interiors.

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